“My work is my exploration and experiment to understand the known and the unknown, the space between the human and God, unveiling the model of the whole. human

A research physicist who has devoted time to explore a love of art, fusing together the mathematical and artistic languages. The intersect results is a unique fusion of perspective and exploration. A truly multi-disciplinary approach in media, projects and collaboration. Andrew is a self taught artist, based in Sydney, Australia, with an international presence.
His work is an experiment into the unknown, a dissection of the onion layers of reality. The changing nature of Andrew's work is a direct reflection and correlation to his perceived understanding into his very own self, life and how this puzzle fits together. It is his vehicle for evolution, and evolution is his God. Potentiality drives change, between the dark and the bright, the lines blur between the acutely definitive and the obtusely abstract. The big fucking mystery of life; in mystery lies fear, beauty, suffering. Between illusion and truth, between the land of the conscious and the freedom of the dream, searching for equanimity but stuck in calamity. Inevitably, everything ends in silence.

This is an authentic look into Andrew Nakhla’s lens and journey.